Landscaping Equipment

Staying committed to delivering the best quality workmanship for your clients is important. Finding the right equipment, backed by industry experts for parts and service makes that part of your job easier. 

Bobcat has a wide range of equipment that is trusted by landscapers around the world, providing outstanding results time and  time again. 

Maneuvering on properties both residential and commercial can sometimes be cumbersome and time consuming. Bobcat has the solution with their line of reliable and powerful compact equipment. 

Bobcat Auger

Some useful machines for working with landscaping include:

Mini Track Loaders: No need for wheelbarrows or shovels when you roll onto tight job sites. Going through doorways, gates or other narrow spaces with ease. Power and maneuverability were never easier.

Compact Excavators: Compact excavators are great at what they’re built for – digging in confined spaces. But you may not know they perform a wide variety of task beyond excavation. Paired with the right attachments and a coupler system that allows for quick and easy exchanges, excavators are perfectly suited for land clearing and site development. 

Toolcat Utility Work Machines: One of the most capable machines you can operate with over 40 attachments for the Category 1 implements in the back, this beast truly changes the way you work. This one machine can replace dedicated utility vehicles, angle brooms and small loaders.

Compact Track Loaders: Capable of handling heavier loads than ever before and providing some of the highest-lifting loaders on the market, Bobcat gives you access to bigger jobs and increased productivity. 

Skid Steer Loaders: Bobcat skid-steer loaders provide maximum lift and reach to allow you to work safely and efficiently around developing site and allows you to dump over the side of most trailers and trucks.


Landscape Rakes: Rake and collect surface debris while smoothing and leveling soil.  Picks up rocks ¾ in. and larger and most ½ in. rocks.

Trenchers: Specifically designed for Bobcat machines.  Reliable, cost-effective solution to tough trenching jobs.  Manual or hydraulic side-shift allows you to work close to walls.  2-5 ft. deep.

Augers: Ideal for posts, planting trees or digging footings.

Landplane: Simplify grading, leveling, removing sod, sorting debris, aerating, pulverizing and transporting material.

Buckets: Some of the highest breakout forces with fair cutting-edge visibility.

Tiller: Prepare ground for seed, sod or other plantings.  Break up clumps, till and mix materials into existing soil.

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